Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Online Registration In Nigeria

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Corporate Affairs Commission online registration in Nigeria: step by step guide. To create your own business without any problem is not just a dream! See how you can open your own company through the Corporate Affairs Commission online registration! Keep and share this useful guide!

CAC Business

CAC Nigeria

These days, there are many businesses in Nigeria carrying out and running daily affairs and transactions without the right step of being registered with CAC (the Corporate Affairs Commission). The issue is that the majority of these companies are not registered not because they are trying to deceive the government or anyone else, or trying not to pay taxes. Actually, so many businesses are not registered because they don’t know anything about the registration.

CAC registration

Those who partially know about the registration consider this process a very tiresome exercise that requires a couple of weeks to complete and also will require you to visit the CAC office several times. Some just use the option of paying agents from N25,000 upwards to run the registration task for them. The question is: Why pay somebody for something you can easily do yourself?

CAC Logo

On February 2, 2015, the Corporate Affairs Commission created a twenty-four hour online registration platform to quickly run its business services to clients. Basically, it was created in order to provide a more technological and better-advanced option for business registration. So, now you can register your business, and you can also have access to the CAC services through the online CAC registration portal.

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Corporate Affairs Commission online registration

Step by step guide:

1) Log in to the CAC registration website through the “”;

2) One that page page, you need to click on “Online Registration”;

3) You will be redirected to another page. Here you need to register/create an account – click on the button “Create Account” to create your own Company Registration Portal account;

4) Fill the form correctly and submit it (it is nor necessary to use your intended business name as your username);

CAC Create A New Account

5) It is very important for you to have a National Identification Number provided by the National Identity Management Commission;

6) Type the accessible code of the company you want to register and click on “Proceed”;

7) After clicking on “Proceed”, the accepted company name will be displayed, click on “Action”, and there will be a drop down, then just click on “Register”;

8) Fill in the resulting form properly and click on “Continue” at the bottom right area of the page;

9) Fill in the resulting form for company details and click on “Continue” (you can also click on “Save and Exit” to stop the process and continue a little bit later);

10) Click on “Add a director” to add the main details of the company directors;

11) Fill in the details of the director and click on “Save director”. You can click on “Add directors” if you want to add more directors;

12) After adding the directors just click on “Continue” at the bottom left of the page in order to continue your registration;

13) Fill in the resulting form for the details of the company secretary and click on “Continue”;

14) Click on “Add a new shareholder”, then fill the form and click on “Add”. You can repeat the process to add one more shareholder;

15) You can add actually add any of the directors as shareholders, you need just to click on the tick box beside the director’s name to select. So, type in the number and kind of shares and then click on “Add selected Record(s)” to add;

CAC Directors Or CAC Shareholders

16) A list of the added shareholders will be displayed at the lowest part of the page. If you want to delete any added shareholder, just scroll to the shareholder’s name and click on “Action”, and there will be a drop down menu, choose “Delete”. After adding shareholders click “Continue” to proceed;

17) After clicking on “Continue”, the next page will be where you can add the Memorandum & Articles of Association, just click on “Add an object” and fill the Memorandum & Articles of Association in the text field then click on “Add”. If you want to add one more Memorandum & Articles of Association you need to click on “Add an object” and repeat the process;

18) A list of the added Articles of Association will be displayed at the lowest part of the page. If you want to delete any of them, just scroll to the object, and click on “Action”, and there will be a drop down menu, select “Delete”. After adding the Articles of Association click “Continue” to proceed;

19) Click on the pointer at the right side of each document and from the drop down, choose the number of the document you need. After the selection click on “Continue” to proceed;

CAC CTC CAC Certified True Copy

20) A preview of your company registration will be displayed. So, go through the preview for clarity. You can click on “Go back” to return to previous pages and make some corrections or click on “Proceed to payment” at the bottom right of the page to proceed;

21) In order to make a payment, you need to choose a payment option and click “Next”. Also, note the Transaction Reference ID;

CAC Payment GateWay Gate Way

22) Fill in the card details and click on “Ok” to finish the payment process or “Cancel” to break off the process. After the payment has been approved or disapproved, you will get a payment confirmation. Click on ”Return to home” to go to your account portal;

CAC Reservation History

23) When the payment has been made, to verify your payment status or your application status, go to “My Reservation History”. If your payment was accepted and your application status still reads as “Not Submitted”, just click on “Action”, and then click on “View payment history” to know your payment status. If the payment status reads as “FAILED”, “DISAPPROVED” or “IN PROGRESS”, just click on the “Check Status” to manually verify your payment status, and then wait for about 15 minutes to see the updated status of your payment.

CAC Payment History

Please note:

– It is very important for you to have a National Identification Number provided by the National Identity Management Commission.

– In a case when your registration is successful, you will receive a password, which you will use for your first log in.

– After logging in, you will be asked to change the password to an option of your choice.

CAC Free Name Search CAC Name Search CAC Public Name Search

– You will be presented with the name of the search page, which means that your company or business name is ready to be registered;

– Fill in the 2-name options you would like to search for and proceed to the next page, where you will give more information about your company. But fill this page attentively by correctly selecting your “Company type”, your business “Classification”, the “General nature of your business”, and your “Reason for (name) availability search”.

CAC Name Options

– After correctly filling in the tabs on this page, you will be taken to where you will submit the general information about yourself and your company. The information like your date of birth, country of residence, nationality, identity type, residential address, identity issue state, and identity number should be filled correctly.

– When you finish this, to proceed you have to make a payment of N500, and your name search would begin. Then, CAC would get back to you through email you gave to finish up your registration in a couple of days as soon as the name you chose has been accepted as your company name.

– You might not be able to proceed without your National Identification Number, so, that is why it is very important to have it.

– The CRP accepts almost all types of payment cards, and it has a safe payment channel.

– If you do not get an email from the CAC within a week, you should log back into the CRP to submit your name search status by yourself.

CAC Keyboard

– The CAC online registration will let you know how you register your company without physically setting foot in any CAC office after you can confirm the forms online and you can make the payments through the CAC website.

So, now you know all the details about Corporate Affairs Commission online registration. We provided you with the step by step guide. Just keep all the steps in mind and share this useful manual. Now you see that it is not difficult to register your own company.

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