Some Online Behaviours Among The “THUMB TRIBES”

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Some online behaviours among the “THUMB TRIBES”

spamming;this is the posting of unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately with the intention of forcing the message on people who will not otherwise choose to receive it.why do people post this messages?they do so to force the message on you.spam messages are meant to deceive people, tell you things that will move you to do certain things, it can be found not only online but also in text messages, emails etc.these messages when received can give the sender he opportunity to hijack his/her email and get other information from the receiver.

Trolling; simply means antagonizing others on the internet with the purpose of provoking them into emotional response. the goal of trolling is to disrupt normal topic flow and this trolling can make the sender knows what goes on the mind of the receiver or the person responding.the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore any messages posed by them.

Flaming; flaming is hostile and insultive interaction among internet users .when people flame, they use swear words,name calling, ridiculing, hurling insults towards other persons.a violation of politeness in conversation is flamming.when people flammer, they leave the issue and attack the individual…To be continued

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