Download Free OAU DRA 310 “PRINCIPLES OF ARTS MANAGEMENT” Questions – 2009/2010

Download Free OAU DRA 310 “PRINCIPLES OF ARTS MANAGEMENT” Questions – 2009/2010.

1.  Do a comparative analysis of the publicity and house management of Odia Ofeimum’s A Feast of Return and another two production from the Awo Varsity theatre company repertoire.

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2.  The Rockefeller panel report published in 1965 described a good manager as ‘a person who is knowledgeable in the arty with which he is concerned…and a continuing student of the arts’. discuss.

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3. Write on the historical background and management of any type of theatre and a state owned centre for arts and culture.

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4.  All attempts at a production is for profit making. Discuss.

5. Write on the following.
a. Five types of managers
b.characteristics of a good manager
c. steps of planning
d.motivated factors for an idea of a theatre.

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