JAMB 2019: How To Effectively Prepare For 2019 JAMB and Score Above 300+

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Gradually, JAMB – Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has become one of the most feared name in the education sector of Nigeria and preparing for the examination is something that demands a lot of time, commitment, discipline, and hard work…

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How To Effectively Prepare For 2019 JAMB: How can I Prepare for 2019 JAMB?, What Is JAMB CBT Exam all about?, Can I Score above 290 in 2019 JAMB and How?, What are Some useful tricks to scoring high in 2019 JAMB Exam?, JAMB Success Secret Exposed.

Welcome to for first time visitors, In Today’s Episode of “Admission Guide 101″ You will be learning how to Adequately prepare for JAMB 2019 UTME Exam, not just preparing but also scoring above 300+, to some Students it sound like mission impossible right?, but if you follow the Procedures highlighted on this Article Diligently, Scoring 300+ and Above will become a piece of Cake.

Gradually, JAMB – Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has become one of the most feared name in the education sector of Nigeria and preparing for the examination is something that demands a lot of time, commitment, discipline, and hard work.

I have never seen anyone perform outstandingly in JAMB or in any other thing worthwhile without putting together these three things apart from those that engage in examination malpractice which is something that is usually regretted in a thousand and one ways in the future.

In this Tutorial Guide, you will be learning 8 Straight Steps, this are very practical steps of which if you follow diligently you are assured of Success in the Upcoming UTME Exam. Let us discuss eight straight-forward steps you can take to prepare yourself for JAMB right away.

I will ensure to make this as Simple and Less complex as possible, just take a glass of Water and ride along with me.

How to Prepare for 2019 Jamb UTME

Step 1: Ensure you know the JAMB score you need and decide on the score you want.

You must make sure you find out the average score you need in JAMB with your subject combination to nail your desired course in the institution you want. This average score can be deduced from the minimum normal cut-off mark for JAMB that will qualify for post-UTME for that course and in the institution as well as the previous cut-off marks set by the institution that will qualify you for admission by merit. As you read this now, make your research and write that average score down. This will help you know the minimum mark you should work towards.

After you must have done that, the next thing is to decide on the score you want.

The score you want should be different from what you need

Actually it should be higher. The problem of many students is that they don’t even know the score they need talk less of the score they should want to work towards while preparing for JAMB.

These students after writing JAMB then begin to make this research after which they now start praying to God to give them that score. God does not bless those kinds of efforts. Some students still do not even find out the needed score or cut-off mark until their result is out. I understand that sometimes JAMB and various schools change their cut-off marks sometimes depending on the general performance of students but you can always make a safe assumption to work with from previous cut-off marks.

Setting a higher target is a principle in line with the saying that says

You should shoot for the stars, for you never know, you may land on the moon. When you set a high and reasonable target

what I mean by reasonable is achievable; some students set targets of ‘398’ which is quite unreasonable – you’ll most likely get something very close to it, if not exactly.

A target above 300 is high enough to spur you to action. Once you have fixed your target score, distribute it to your four subjects according to your strengths.
For instance:

My target score for JAMB: 300
Use of English: 76
Mathematics: 70
Physics: 77
Chemistry: 77

Don’t think it’s impossible because it is not, with the right might and preparation you can do it

Step 2: Create a study plan and reading time table:

It is one thing to set a target and it’s another thing to map out a plan to implement and reach it. I will get ‘315’ in JAMB, its easier said than doneA study plan is therefore an organized schedule that a student creates that outlines study time and learning goals. Creating a study plan and a reading time table not only helps you become more organized, but it holds you accountable for your own learning outcomes and the achievement of your goal or target.

Every student will develop a different study plan; there is no correct study plan for everyone. When creating your personalized study plan, you will need to do some self-evaluation of your current schedule and time management. Find days when you have fewer personal commitments when you can squeeze more study time – while doing this, remember that you need to put in as much time as you desire to see positive(+) results.

Remember, each student studies differently, so the amount of time you need to study will differ from the time others devote to studying. Also, some students find that studying at night or at early hours of the morning is better for them than during the day. Work according to your system. Determine why you are studying – which in this case is to reach a JAMB score target – and develop a plan that can help you achieve your goal. Take into consideration previous performances (that is if you have written JAMB before) and how you prepared in those occasions. You need to also anticipate subjects that will take more time to prepare for than the others.

Lastly, create a study plan that is reasonable. Although you must set aside enough time in your schedule dedicated to your studies, blocking off five hours with no break will set you up for failure. You can spend less time studying if you do it correctly.

Step 3: Start your reading now:

If you are still in Secondary school, say SS 1 or 2 and you are reading this article now, then I must say that you are very fortunate. It is very advisable that you create a plan, even if it is thirty minutes daily for JAMB and start as soon as possible, if you do, you will be smiling when others are breaking their heads trying to prepare months to the exam.

If you are months away from the exam, it does not matter much because you still have a great chance;but you must begin now to study with a working plan as I have described earlier in step two. If you have just few weeks left, then what you need to do is to start this very moment to focus on going through as many credible past questions as you can, you still have a good chance.

Step 4: Go through at least ten recent years of past questions to get patterns:

To study effectively, you need to know the patterns used by JAMB to set questions. First and foremost, we all know that JAMB questions are usually objective and the way you read for objective type questions is not the same way you read for theory or subjective type.

Even though it’s easier to prepare for objective than the others because you can always easily infer the answer from the given options, you still need to know the common patterns they use to set their questions. For instance, if for the past ten or so years, they have set more of questions involving calculation than theory in a subject like Physics or Chemistry, this will give you a clue as to where more of your focus should be.

Step 5: Use Exam focus textbooks to study according to the syllabus:

This step is also very important to take note of because so many students study haphazardly – without direction. They give excuses such as: “JAMB syllabus is just too big, I’m sure they set everything”, but that’s a big lie. Every exam has a focus; there are always things the examiners expect and assume that if you know, then you must know some other things related to it. For instance, if you know how to cook stew, then you must at least know what tomatoes, pepper and other such ingredients are right?.

An examiner then just needs to ask you to describe how stew is cooked and he has asked a number of questions together in one. After all, it’s just fifty questions they set apart from in English. Using exam focus textbooks – there are a lot of good ones – study with your results from the research on the patterns they have used in past questions according to their syllabus. That is the rule in one sentence.

Step 6: Practice at least one time test daily two weeks to the exam:

What I mean by a time test is a similar test to JAMB in which you will give yourself the amount of time JAMB usually gives or less if you want to work on your speed. At least two weeks to the exam – if possible more than that – begin practicing these time tests after which you will mark yourself or ask someone around to help you do that. This is where a credible and original Question and Answer – You could try our CBT EXAM here; A will be helpful. This will help you work on speed before the real exam situation.

You could also Pick a previous year and solve the past questions for that year for your four subject combination (or you can mix different years) according to a time limit similar to the three and half hours JAMB usually gives.

Step 7: Visit Akahi Tutors for Tutorials and JAMB Updates:

There have been series of cases where Student miss their Exam time, Venue, even their Admission due to lack of information, HERE at, I am here to fill in that Gap and prevent such incident from occurring.

From time to time, you will be getting Useful tips, Tutorials on courses and How to’s for the Upcoming JAMB, Ensure to visit daily.

Step 8: G Factor:

By the G – Factor, I mean God Factor, This is the most important step listed here, Without god the entire Struggle becomes nothing, So as you make preparations on how to Study you should also back it up with Prayers. See you at the TOP.

This is all for now, Do well to share your thoughts or questions using the Comment box below!!!

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