Missing General Alkali : District Head hands self over to Police

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The 3rd Armoured Di-vision, Nigerian Army has finally confirmed that missing Major General Idris Alkali, the former Chief of Administration at Army headquarters, was killed in the Dura-Du community in Jos by an irate mob made up of youths and other persons who are well known.

Missing General Alkali : District Head hands self over to Police

Late Idris AlkaliAccording to the Army, the youths were protesting against the killing of 11 members of the community who were attacked by unknown gun men at a shopping complex located at Lafande village of Dura-Du in Jos South area on  September 2, 2018.

Late Major General Alkali had unfortunately ran into the protesting irate youths, identified himself, since he was driving himself and told them he was on his way to Bauchi, that he had nothing to do with the situation of the earlier attack by unknown gunmen.

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His explanation fell on deaf ears and the youths assaulted and killed the senior officer. Thereafter, his belongings such as clothings, cash, phones and laptop were shared by those who killed him.

After killing him, the youths drove his Toyota Corolla car into the Dura-Du pit, dumped it there while another set of youths took his body to a shallow grave and buried it inside.

Giving a gory account of the killing of the late senior officer in an update of investigations, General Officer Commanding, 3 division on the Nigerian Army, Major General Benson Akinroluyo said, “In line with the Division’s drive of keeping the public informed through the media about the cordon and search operation being conducted for the missing senior officer, Major General Idris Alkali, this is the latest development based on available verifiable facts.

“Recall that on  September 2, 2018, at about 8:00pm, unknown gunmen attacked a shopping complex located at Lafande Community on the outskirts of Jos metropolis in Dura-Du District of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

“As a result of the attack, 11 people were killed while others sustained various degrees of injuries. The attack triggered protest by the people of the area on the morning of  September 3, 2018.

“Irate youths in their hundreds trooped out, blocked the Eastern Bypass with stones and other dangerous objects.

“The immediate past Chief of Administration (Army), Major General Idris Alkali who recently  disengaged  from the Nigerian Army after 35 years  meritorious service  to the Nigerian Army and the country was travelling from Abuja to Bauchi via Jos same day.

“The senior officer was travelling alone in his black Toyota Corolla car with registration number, Kwara MUN 670 AA.

“Credible intelligence revealed that his car was stopped and he introduced himself as a general to the hoodlums who had barricaded the road that he was just passing through to Bauchi.

“The senior officer was assaulted and killed. Thereafter, his belongings such as clothings, cash, phones and laptop were shared by those who killed him.

“His body was dragged, before being moved somewhere else and his car was driven and pushed into the abandoned mining pit filled with water.

“The irate youths who followed his car to the abandoned mining pit filled with water on many tri-cycles popularly known as “Keke NAPEP” jubilated for reason best known to them or for mission accomplished.

“He was later buried in a shallow grave in an area popularly known as, “No man’s land” within the community.

“Headquarters 3 Division was tasked to conduct a search and rescue operation for the missing senior officer by the Army Headquarters.

“The search and rescue operation is headed by the Commander 3 Division Garrison, Brigadier General Umar Muhammed.

“During the search and rescue operation at the Dura-Du District, soldiers deployed were warned not to eat and drink anything from the community for fear of being poisoned.

“Hence, soldiers were fed from the barracks throughout the duration of the operation.  “At the onset of task, on  September 20, 2018, rented protesters made up of women from Lafande community and beyond were mobilized in their hundreds to protest against the evacuation of water in the abandoned mining pit.

“The women claimed that the evacuation of water in the abandoned mining pit would spiritually affect their children by making them to fall sick and their husbands would die.

“The protest by the women was therefore seen as an attempt to prevent us from showing the whole world the heinous crimes the community had committed over the years which were still ongoing before now.

“After the cordon and search operation, some people were apprehended. Those who were apprehended were those who witnessed or heard about the incident but failed to report to the nearest security agency.

“Also apprehended were those who were at the scene of the incident as at the time the senior officer was killed.

Continuing the GOC said, “Please be informed that some were released and others paraded and handed over to the Nigerian Police for further investigation.

“Having pumped the water from the abandoned mining pit for 2 weeks or thereabout despite protests by women attributing all kinds of mythical affliction that would befall their husbands and children, the following were recovered:

“On  September 21,2018, recovery of a door of a white bus; On  September 29, 2018, a black Toyota Corolla car with registration number Kwara MUN 670 AA, a customized T-Shirt with Nigerian Army Logo and the General’s name inscribed on it, as well as a pair of canvass shoe belonging to the deceased senior officer.

“On  October 2, 2018, a white Toyota LiteAce bus with registration number Plateau Rym 307 XA, which was reported missing with the driver on  June 24, 2018 and a red Rover car with registration number Bauchi AG 645 TRR which was allegedly reported to have been buried along with the occupants on  January 31, 2013.

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“On  September 29,2018, when the general’s  black Toyota Corolla car was recovered from the abandoned mining pit, those involved and those not involved  in the killing of the senior officer held a meeting to relocate his corpse away from the community.

“This is because of the inherent danger it would attract to the community.

“Consequently, a 10-man team was constituted to relocate his corpse earlier buried in a shallow grave within the community to elsewhere.

“A specialist in preservation of corpse who was contracted assisted in exhuming his corpse from the shallow grave to elsewhere. Only few trusted members of the community knew where his corpse was relocated to.

“The specialist is currently in our custody. Again, this is an attempt to cover up the heinous crime committed by the community.

“There exist other evidence and indicators that pointed to the fact that those who were involved in the killing of the senior officer are being supported and backed by community leaders within the Dura-Du District.

“In recent times, they have been staging press conferences and writing petitions in order to smear the image of the Division in particular and the Nigerian Army in general.

“This Division will not yield to the antics or blackmail by those who have committed this dastardly crime.

On the shallow grave, the GOC said, “Please note that four different sources not known to each other at various times took us to the opened shallow grave where the senior officer was earlier buried before he was subsequently removed.

“Furthermore, sniffer dogs that have been cultured with the personal effects of the senior officer led us to the same opened shallow grave.

“That was the only grave we were led to by different people and sniffer dogs. We did not go to any other grave as the operation was carried out based on credible intelligence.

“Like I always say, the cordon and search operation is intelligence driven and that is why the operation has been conducted in line with international best practices and respect for human rights.

“This further explains why the Division did not clamp down on the entire community. Only the perpetrators are being targeted.

“At this point, let me reiterate that all the actors involved in this dastardly act who are still at large are known to us.

“All efforts are being made to get them arrested and be brought to justice as their photographs and personal details are with the relevant security agencies.

“The cordon and search operation conducted by own troops has really exposed the heinous crimes being committed by the few but fully supported and concealed by the entire community.

“I want to commend members of the public for their cooperation, and still solicit for anyone with credible information on where the senior officer was reburied.

“It is the civic responsibility of the Dura-Du community to produce the corpse of the deceased senior officer and those who were involved in the killing of the senior officer.

“This Headquarters can be reached on GSM number, 09074028881 as sources of information would be protected and treated as confidential.

“Our operations will continue until the corpse of the deceased senior officer is recovered and the perpetrators of this heinous crime are arrested.”

Meanwhile, the State Police Command in a statement by its Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Mathias Tyopev said one of the eight suspects declared missing in connection with the missing General has turned himself in.

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Tyopev said, “The Plateau State Police Command’s decision to declare some people wanted in respect of the case of the mysterious disappearance of Major General IM Alkali (rtd) has started yielding results. One of the persons declared wanted, Da Yakubu Rap, the District Head reported to the Plateau State Police Command headquarters Jos, this morning and he is undergoing interrogation.”

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