CRS Objective Questions & Answers For ALL Nigerian Students {Click Here To Check}

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CRS Objective Questions & Answers For ALL Nigerian Students {Click Here To Check}

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  1. Who were mistaken for gods in the Acts of the Apostles?
    A. Paul and James
    B. Paul and Peter
    C. Paul and John
    D. Paul and Silas
    E. Paul and Barnabas

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  1. God commanded Abraham to circumcise his male descendants as
    A. a rule to the world
    B. a sign of God’s convenant with Abraham
    C. a mark of honour for Abraham and his descendants
    D. a remembrance of God’s love
    E. a good thing to do

  2. Deborah was……in Israel
    A. priest
    B. seer
    C. sword bearer
    D. prophetess and judge
    E. Pharisee

  3. During the time of Amos the prophet…….was the priest of Bethel
    A. Amaziah
    B. Jeroboam
    C. Jacob
    D. Hosea
    E. Jethro

  4. The king of Assyria who took Samaria was
    A. Elah
    B. Shalmanesar
    C. Sennacherib
    D. Hilkiah
    E. Rabshakeh

  5. The prophecy “The soul that sins shall die”, was given by the Prophet
    A. Isaiah
    B. Amos
    C. Hosea
    D. Jonah
    E. Ezekiel

  6. The King of Persia who made it possible for the return of the exiles from Babylon was
    A. Darius
    B. Cyrus
    C. Zechariah
    D. Zerubbabel
    E. Jeshua

  7. The meaning of Emmanuel is
    A. laughter
    B. For i drew him from water
    C. God with us
    D. the fear of God
    E. just man

  8. About almsgiving Jesus says,when you give your gift,you should
    A. sound trumpets for people to know what you are doing
    B. give it in church
    C. let it be known only by you and God
    D. tell your parents secretly
    E. tell only your friends

  9. Mark’s Gospel starts with
    A. the story of the birth of Jesus
    B. the story of Simon Peter
    C. the story of John the Baptist
    D. the story of the temptation of Jesus
    E. the fasting of Jesus

  10. ……..was chosen in place of Judas Iscariot
    A. Paul
    B. Barnabas
    C. Junias
    D. Matthias
    E. Joseph

  11. Who was released by Pilate in place of Jesus?
    A. Herod
    B. Nicodemus
    C. Joseph of Arimathea
    D. Barabbas
    E. Cleopas

  12. According to the Gospel of Luke the first statement made by Jesus on the cross was
    A. it is finished
    B. Today you shall be with me in Paradise
    C. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”
    D. Father into your hands i commit my spirit
    E. Am thirst

  13. The name Moses means
    A. the loved child of Pharoah
    B. God heard our groaning
    C. I have been a sojourner in a foriegn land
    D. my beloved child of my old age
    E. because i drew him out of the water

  14. The promise of God made with Abraham was that
    A. He would make nations of him
    B. He would live long
    C. He would give him flocks
    D. He would give him crops
    E. He would make him return

  15. Moses asked Pharaoh to allow the Hebrews to depart from Egypt
    A. buy more food from the land of Canaan
    B. fight the Jebusites
    C. smite the Amorites
    D. to make a sacrifice to the Lord in the wilderness
    E. rest in the wilderness

  16. One of the reasons why Saul was rejected as king was that
    A. the Lord preferred David
    B. he disobeyed God by not destroying all that belonged to the Amalekites
    C. he spared Jonathan
    D. he oppressed the people

  17. God’s covenant with Abraham took the form of
    A. some written codes
    B. circumcision
    C. promise of wealth
    D. promise of long life
    E. none of the above

  18. The great reformation of Israel’s social and religious institutions took place during the reign of
    A. Jeroboam the second
    B. Josiah
    C. Jehu
    D. Hosea
    E. Ahaz

  19. The one who saved Joseph’s life when his brothers wanted to kill him was
    A. Simeon
    B. Reuben
    C. Benjamin
    D. Ishmael
    E. Pharoah

  20. ……….made the following statement:”But as for me and my house,we will serve the Lord”
    A. Moses
    B. Gideon
    C. Amos
    D. Hosea
    E. Joshua

  21. Pharaoh’s first reaction to Moses’ request to let Israel go was
    A. to drive Moses out
    B. to ask for time to consider it
    C. to stop providing straw to make bricks
    D. to agree at once
    E. to put Moses in prison

  22. Gideon was called Jerubbaal because
    A. he broke down the altar of Baal
    B. he defeated the Midianites
    C. he sacrificed to Baal
    D. his father’s name was Baal
    E. the people did not like him

  23. “Bring your necks under the yoke of the king of Babylon and serve him and his people and live” who gave this advice?
    A. Jeremiah
    B. Isaiah
    C. Ezekiel
    D. Amos
    E. Hosea

  24. Who was responsible for the death of Uriah?
    A. David
    B. Solomon
    C. Abinadab
    D. Saul
    E. Jonathan

  25. What is the meaning of the name Samuel?
    A. God has made me laugh
    B. Because i have asked him of the Lord
    C. the child of my old age
    D. the end of Peninnah’s pride
    E. Eli realized i was not drunk

  26. Elijah prophesied a long and severe drought in Israel because
    A. Ahab married Jezebel
    B. Jezebel worshipped Baal
    C. Elijah was the only prophet of Yahweh left
    D. Ahab’s adulteration of the worship of Yahweh
    E. Ahab and Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah

  27. Jephthah vowed that if he defeated the Ammonites he would
    A. sacrifice his daughter as a burnt offering
    B. slay all the Ammonites
    C. offer the first thing which came to meet him out of his house to the Lord
    D. purnish the Ephraimites for not supporting him
    E. destroy the altars of Baal

  28. Ezekiel was usually referred to as the prophet of
    A. the exile
    B. Jerusalem
    C. doom
    D. woe
    E. Justice

  29. The King of Assyria took Samaria and carried Israel away into Assyria during the reign of
    A. Jeroboam
    B. Hosea
    C. Ahab
    D. Jehu
    E. Jotham

  30. One of the following said: “The lion hath roared,who will not fear?The Lord has spoken,who can but prophesy?”
    A. Nathan
    B. Jeremiah
    C. Hosea
    D. Elijah
    E. Amos

  31. “My father chastised you with whips,but i will chastise you with scorpion”. Who said this?
    A. Solomon
    B. Jeroboam
    C. Rehoboam
    D. Absalom
    E. Adonijah

  32. The Israelites entered the land of Canaan under the leadership of
    A. Aaron
    B. Moses
    C. Joshua
    D. Nadab
    E. Abihu

  33. Sisera was put to death by
    A. Deborah
    B. Barak
    C. Jael
    D. Joshua
    E. Caleb

  34. One of the Judges of Israel was
    A. Zipporah
    B. Manoah
    C. Delilah
    D. Rebekah
    E. Deborah

  35. The kingdom of Judah was finally defeated by
    A. The King of Assyriah
    B. the King of Babylon
    C. the King of Egypt
    D. The Phillistines
    E. the King of Syria

  36. David first reigned as king in
    A. Shiloh
    B. Hebron
    C. Jerusalem
    D. Bethlehem
    E. Ziklag

  37. Who was stoned to death because of his unyielding devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
    A. Amos
    B. Paul
    C. Aaron
    D. Peter
    E. Stephen

  38. The term “sons of thunder” was applied by Jesus to
    A. the samaritans who did not accept him in their village
    B. James and John
    C. The Romans
    D. The Pharisees
    E. The Twelve.

  39. “If this plan or this undertaking is of men,it will fail;but if it is of God,you will not be able to overthrow it”this was said by
    A. Gamaliel
    B. Peter
    C. Caiaphas
    D. John the Baptist
    E. Paul

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