How to take notes in a large, rowdy lecture theatre

Forget the jokes and distractions that occasionally happen during lectures, 95% of your academic activities are centred around note-taking.


In fact, if you are very good at note-taking, you will most likely find your study very easy.

However, taking note in a rowdy lecture theatre can be frustrating if the lecturer isn’t able to control the class.

In a situation like this, you really need to up note-taking skill to make the most of the lecture.

First, don’t try to write everything the lecturer says. You might be tempted to write everything if the lecture is very interesting, but trust me, won’t work no matter how fast you are at writing.

Instead, you should listen to the lecturer and take note of some salient points in his explanations. While you do this, you can also use your smart phone to record the lecture.

Also, when you are receiving lectures in a large hall, it is important you take away your handouts. The point the lecturer is making might be in the handout but at this moment, avoid the handout. This allows you to give more attention to the lecture and make a comprehensive note from it.

Shorthand is another way of ensuring speedy note-taking. You can’t afford to write everything the lecturer says in a proper composition without losing some important points.

Finally, notes made during lectures have the tendency of losing meaning when you get out of the lecture room, to avoid this, you’ve got to make your notes detailed, readable and explicit to make it easy for you to revise.

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