OAU Law And English Students Fight Hard Over Venue

The prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University recorded a case of violent outbreak between 300 level students of the department of English and faculty of law.

OAU Bus Issue Student At Gate

The cause of the uproar was due to the fact that the Law students stopped the English students from going into the class despite the fact that it was few minutes past four which was the time slated for linguistics stylistics. The implication of this was that one of the law students slapped the English student who retaliated back by slapping and hitting his other counterpart leading to a very drastic situation which prompted the lecturer to leave the class since it was no longer convenient for learning.

One of the anonymous students who spoke with Akahi News said that the law students have been fond of this right from their 100level and that how do you expect the English students to wait till all the law students comes out before they can enter the venue slated for them.

Another said he was stabbed in the hand with a pen by the law students while trying to mediate between the parties. It took the intervention of the security agency to restore temporary peace in BOOC owing to the fact that the place became chaotic.

Akahi News finds out that the venue slated for the linguistics stylistics was not conducive enough to accommodate the number of students offering the course.

OAU Law And English Students Fight Hard Over Venue

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