What is the definition of mature love?

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Let’s take few characters and scenarios into consideration,

Husband and Wife.

Scenario 1 :

Husband calls his wife at 10 PM and she does not pick up the call.

Wife checks her phone at 11:30 PM and calls back.

Wife : Hey honey sorry got home now from the office.

Husband : Oh.. how did u go to home? U should you have called me, I would have made some arrangements.

Wife : No, I did not want to trouble you. However, XYZ (refers to her colleague) dropped me off as it was late night.

Husband : Great, thanks to him for dropping you safely. Now go and have your dinner, it’s getting late.

Wife : Ya but where are you still? I thought you would be home and we could have had dinner together.

Husband : No I cannot come today, even XYZ (refers to a girl colleague and team partner in his company) is working night shift and it would not be appropriate to leave her alone at work.

Wife : Oh.. U always work late night. Go and have dinner or order something for you and your friend, it’s already late night..!!

Husband : Sure honey. Have dinner and sleep safely. See you in the morning. Good night.

Wife : Good night honey. Come home soon and have dinner. Take care.

They hang up.

The trust they have on each other and the amount of respect and support they have for each other shows Maturity.

Scenario 2

It’s 12 AM and it’s her birthday.

Husband busy at work and does not remember and forgets to wish and has nothing planned for her due to busy schedule.

Next day morning, he remembers and calls immediately.

Wife picks up.

Husband : Hi Honey … Happy birthday…!! I am so sorry I forgot to wish you and I am also not there.

Wife : Hey, it’s ok. Thank you . Your work is more important as you had told you have some important meeting with clients. Focus on that.

Husband : You are my sweetheart. Sorry I will not be able to get any gift for you, I have got a busy schedule.

Wife : My biggest gift is you.

Husband : I promise I will be there for dinner. We will go out.

Wife : Ok for sure but only If you are free.

Husband ; Bye sweetheart, See you. Take care. Have a marvelous day.

Wife : Bye Honey. Take care and Have an awesome day.

Don’t be materialistic in relationship, rather enjoy the time together and be supportive and understanding.

Scenario 3

Husband gets a promotion and is asked to go for USA for one year. It’s his dream to work in the big league.

Husband : Honey, I have a good news and bad news for you.

Wife : Good one first.

Husband : I got a promotion.

Wife : Wow (hugs him tightly with full of happiness). What’s the bad news then?

Husband : I will be shifted to USA for an year starting next month.

Wife : That’s great…. It was your dream to go and work there.

Husband : Honey what about you? I don’t wanna leave you alone.

Wife : I will quit my job.

Husband : Have you gone mad? You worked so hard for that job you always wanted to do, Your entire life..!! And now you wanna quit for me?

Wife : It’s ok. I will find a job in States.

Husband : No. I don’t want to be that person who take away your career. The current job is your dream job too.

Wife : Ya. But we don’t have an option now.

Husband : We have. I will go for an year and come back. You stay here along with my parents and we both will still have our jobs. It’s just an year not a lifetime. I know it’s tough but not like we can’t live without each other.

Wife : I never wanted you more honey. (hugs him tightly).

Career is important for both girl and boy in their relationship. Don’t make your other Half quit their dreams for you.

If you can’t be in a long distance relationship then it’s not a relationship.

My friends,

Don’t fall in Love, Step in Love.

You might think the above relationship is an Ideal relationship, No, that’s how a REAL RELATIONSHIP is…!!!

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