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  1. Green plants are important in the ecosystem because they are A. primary consumers B. producers C. decomposers D. secondary consumers E. scavengers.

  2. An anenometer is an instrument for measuring A. relative humidity B. altitude C. wind speed D. turbidity E. salinity.

  3. Which of the following is NOT regarded as a pollutant on land or in the air? A. Noise B. Smoke C. Sulphur dioxide D. Carbon monoxide E. Nitrogen

  4. Which of the following groups of factors is completely abiotic? A. salinity, tide, plankton, turbidity B. Temperature, pH, soil insect C. Wind, altitude, humidity, light D. Conifers, winds, pH, rainfall E. Soil, water, bacteria, salinity

  5. Which of the following lists of diseases, their causes and transmission is CORRECT? A. Cholera, virus, severe diarrhoea, infected water. B. Malaria, protozoan, high fever, contact with infected person C. Syphilis, virus, veneral disease, sexual

  6. Asexual reproduction does NOT occur in A. Mucor, Spirogyra and Paramecium B. Penicillium, Paramecium and Amoeba C. Mucor, Rhizopus and penicillium D. Amoeba, spirogyra and Mucor E. Rhizopus, Ascaris and Amoeba.

  7. Fehling’s solution will readily change colour from blue to a reddish colour when it is A. mixed with sugar solution in the cold B. warmed or heated by itself C. mixed with reducing sugar in the cold D. warmed or heated with a complex solution E. warmed with a solution of reducing sugar.

  8. Normally the flow of blood is NEVER from A. arteryto arterioles B. arterioles to capillaries C. capillaries to venules D. arterioles to the artery E. venules to the vein

  9. Heat produced in tissue respiration in plants is A. a chemical from of energy B. the only form of energy C. the main form of energy D. a useful form of energy E. a waste from of energy.

  10. The axial skeleton of a mammal does not include the bones of the A. skull B. tail C. limbs D. back E. neck.

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