These 4 young guys were shocked following the unexpected favor they received after they were arrested for begging near a church in Lagos.

Primate Ayodele Gives Money To 4 Boys Arrested For Begging Near His Church

According to reports, the boys came all the way from Ibadan to Lagos to seek for jobs, unfortunately they could not get a job and they decided to start begging from passersby.

On Sunday morning, they came to INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church to beg for money to feed themselves from the members. The church members later raised an alarm because they thought the boys were thieves as they were arrested and taken to the nearest police Station.

But when the church leader, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele heard what happened to these guys, he asked that the arrested boys be released and brought to his service immediately where he blessed them with cash and other goodies.