See Why Nigerian Writers Are Still Underpaid Even For A Beautiful Write-up

See Why Nigerian Writers Are Still Underpaid Even For A Beautiful Write-up. Nigerian Writers are usually underpaid. Any freelance writer in Nigeria that has had contact(s) with some clients, in Nigeria, would know and understand this. 

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Writers are into two enclaves. Firstly, those that are trained; perhaps those that have undergone the rigorous training and lessons on the nitty gritty of writing in a university or its equivalent.

The second enclave are those that merely picked up writing on the street; either by reading novels or by having some natural liking for writing.

The writers in the first enclave are not on equal footing with the second. The first group deserves our utmost respect and honor. Writing is indeed a profession that is learnt, hence its bearers should be treated honorably. We don’t argue excessively with traders, artisan, market women and so on over their fixed prices, why should we argue with trained writers when being charged, especially when the price offered is reasonably okay?

Writing is indeed a work that is demanding, tiring and straining than those aforementioned.

We learnt a principle during our undergraduate days as a student of mass communication that every journalist is a writer, but not all writers are journalist.

In that case, trained writers should be payed handsomely for their beautiful work, as a form of appreciating their effort at learning.

It is high time we started paying our trained writers handsomely.

I have observed that not knowing the value of an excellent work, and the status of a good and qualitative writer is one of the factors that contributed to the ill treatment of writers. Please tell us your own opinion; why are writers underpaid in Nigeria?

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