4 Amazing Facts About Religion You Need To Know

Numerous views, opinions, definitions and contributions have been made over the years concerning RELIGION. Many philosophers, Religionists, theists and atheists have  extracted different opinions regarding Religion.

Religion factually seems to lack any standard definition and denotive meaning. Most of the views that has been aired regarding religion erupted out of emotions, assumptions, imaginations and delusions. Hence; people who are religiously inflicted and indoctrinated lacks befitting conviction that can emancipate them.

However, judging from the circumstances in which religion has manifested its potency, one can sensibly discover that religion is nothing but a calamity upon humanity. Recalling the innumerable catastrophic events that had emerged over some decades shows how disastrous religion seems to be. Restricting religion to be a societal challenge belittles the adverse effects of religion. Religion is really a global quagmire.

Discussing the dangers of religion in its entirety would take us years, for the purpose of quick comprehension and time utilization let me briefly  explain four truths about RELIGION:

1) Religion Is An Eminent Source Of Fear

Most religious beliefs has thrown many persons into an unfavourable state of fear. The fear of damnation has saturated the mind of many humans, making them believe that if they don’t abide to some man-made doctrines they’d spend their eternal life in hell.

The fear of hell is always in your mind, filling you with worry and anxiety, and this does not allow you to live peacefully and spontaneously. This fear makes many humans restless and is capable of initiating many psychological maladies to the life of the victim.

2) Religion Promotes Disunity

Religious people do not tolerate any religious ideologies that works contrary to the one they hold.

The inability to tolerate other religious beliefs that’s different from yours is the reason why religious groups are always at war against each other. Similarly, religious groups are fighting nonreligious ones. Thinking about the number of wars and crisis that had taken place all in the name of religion saddens my heart. Nations against  nations. Regions against regions. Humans against humans. No genuine unity and peace among humans all in the name of religion. Envy, jealousy, enmity and hostility among ourselves all in the name of religion. In the presence of religion, genuine unity can never exist.

3) Religion Induces Ignorance And gullibility

When you have grown up conditioned to believe what is right and wrong according to a religious dogma, and you have been taught that to doubt the religion you were born into means to go to hell, naturally you’d become afraid of seeking knowledge. Some person are hopelessly attached to some man-made religious beliefs, which obviously hinders them from seeking after truth and reality.

They continue to wallow in ignorance and absolute deception due to the bondage of religion. This way, religion keeps people blinded by all sorts of beliefs that are not based on any factual evidence.

4) Religion  Is Slavery In Disguise

The best definition of slavery is religion. Many persons are wallowing under the bondage of religion as a result of their insensitivity. To blindly follow a religious belief simply means to restrict your perception, suppress your thoughts and emotions, and live in hypocrisy.

Many people choose to follow a religious dogma, even though they’re suffering from this choice, simply because religion enslaves them for carrying out their personal responsibility.

Many are living under many terrible situations not because they cherish to live under such hectic conditions but due to  the fact that they’re living under the dictations of religious doctrines made by man.

  • Unless we purge this religious mindset we would continue to wallow in the bondage of perpetual slavery. How can an enslaved soul save another?  It’s impossible! Free yourself and work to save others by purging filthy religious mindset.

Let me summarize by saying Religion is negativity ignorantly disguised as positivity. Religion is a calamity ignorantly disguised as a necessity. It kills the potentials of her victims. It steals the sense of reasoning of even the so called educationalists. It has caused humanity harm without any significant benefit.

If you want to flourish in love and excel in happiness, I implore you to quit religion. Think in an irreligious manner and you would be glad in your new realm of freedom.

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