See How UNN 2018/2019 Post-UTME Exams Will Be Organized By Management

See How UNN 2018/2019 Post-UTME Exams Will Be Organized By Management. The University of Nigeria (UNN) is a prestigious university known for it’s commitment to the goal of “restoring the dignity of man”. UNN is also popularly called the Lion’s Den. As a prospective undergraduate student of the great university, if you have applied for admission into UNN as your first or second choice university as the case may be, you are a potential lion or lioness.

Let me give a brief run-down on what you need to know as of this moment about how UNN post-utme are organized.

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What the Typical UNN Post-UTME Screening Exam Looks Like

The University of Nigeria (UNN) organizes her Post-UTME Exams in quite a unique and different way from other institutions of learning in Nigeria.

What you are being tested on in UNN post-utme will be more of speed and accuracy because you will be give a total of 60 questions to answer in 40 minutes.

The subjects you are to write in the Post-UTME is exactly the same subject combination you used to write your JAMB-UTME as you will notice when buying the Post-UTME form and registering online. For example, if your subject combination was English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry like mine was in those days, it’ll be the same combination in your post-ume.

Please Note:

Based on the information we have gotten from informants, the Post-UTME online practice CBT (test) launched on the UNN official website, is a test of 60 questions (15 questions per subject) to be completed in an hour i.e. 60 minutes. This information suggests that UNN may be returning to the previous pattern of setting 6o questions for their Post UTME. Prepare your mind in advance for the possible development.

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*When you register online, you will notice that your entire profile will be download from the JAMB official website using your JAMB registration number. You’ll only be required to fill a few more extra details.

Now, each subject will have 15 questions and as a rule of thumb for good time management in the exam, you are expected to complete each subject in 10 minutes i.e. 40 seconds per question.

As for examination centre, all Post-UTME exams are always taken in the school campus but for want of venues, all exams will not be taken in one day. This is why UNN Post-UTME are often scheduled to take place in three days for various faculties and departments to allow for the screening exams to be conducted in decorum and better managed.

You examination centre also has a lot to do with your JAMB score because UNN is of the habit of categorizing students according to their JAMB scores. For instance, for a post-UTME exam for a course or department like say, Economics, we can have categories like 250 to 262, 235 to 249, 205 to 234, 190 to 204 and 180 to 189 depending on what the highest and lowest scores out of the students that applied for Economics were and also depending on the number of students in each score category. Each of these groups will write their exams in separate examination halls.

My advice for you as you prepare for this year’s UNN post-utme exam is that you practice more of speed and accuracy tests. As you solve past-questions, time yourself and test your ability to answer the questions correctly and fast likewise.

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UNN Online Post UTME CBT Practice Tests That Will Help You Prepare Adequately:

The following UNN Post UTME practice tests (CBT) are absolutely free in case you were wondering and you are highly advised to try them out depending on your subject combination. Each of the tests have English Language as a compulsory part of the test just as it is in the JAMB UTME and the UNN post UTME screening examination. The other subjects are dependent on your JAMB subject combination and the course you wish to study in the institution.

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