Official CAC Address In Lagos State ( Lagos Island & Ikeja Offices)


CAC Lagos Office Moved From YABA To LAGOS ISLAND, Check New Address Here

Address: No. 18/20, Catholic Mission Street, Opposite City Hall, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

CAC Office In Lagos

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has made it very easy for Business Owners to register their Business Name at EASE!

Are You surprise? Why? You can register your business name today with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) through Akahi G. International. Call 08038644328

Yes! For availability of name search, re-submission of names should Corporate Affairs Commission disapproves or denies the names submitted and certification of Business Name ( Ventures or Enterprises), Akahi G. International charges #25,000 only. Call 08038644328

Note: Individual/Proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner,chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary. But, the management of AKAHI G. INTERNATIONAL can help you to process your registration in the commission as a contract should you are not free or know how to facilitate the registration yourself for only #25,000 (Business Name).

Warning! Akahi G. International does not claim to be a staff member in the Commission (CAC) but a trusted and reliable agent that can facilitate the registration quicker and faster in other to take off the stress of going million times yourself to CAC Office without getting an approved name.

AKAHI G. INTERNATIONAL is a recognized and registered Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Be reminded that you can register at the comfort of your home. Yes! Akahi G. International staff member will come to you if you can pay for house to house extra-fees. You can come to our office in person or you can call us after gathering the simple ten steps below. Thereafter, You get your unique name reserved, approved and certified without stress. Great! Now You become a legal business owner in ALL States in Nigeria.

How To Pay- Account Details

Bank Name: GTBank

Account Name: Akahi G. International

Account Number: 0108021300 # Naira

Account Number: 0116149100 $ USD

Send Payment Details To:


NOTE: Before you pay, call 08038644328

Make sure that the information below is compiled by you before contacting us.

A. The business name ( suggest like five if possible in case of any existing name)

B. The general nature of the business (list what you do)

C. The full address of the principal place of business ( head office)

D. The full address of each branch

E. Particulars of the partners (other than corporations, that is, your bio data)

(i) Name

(ii) Sex

(iii) Residential Address

(iv) Occupation

(v) Telephone numbers: Office and GSM /(optional Email)

(vi) Age

(vii) Nationality

(viii) Particulars of each corporation which is a partner (if any)

(ix) Date of commencement of Business &

(x) Five (4) Passport photograph (if scanned and send through Email you will pay for reprint)

We would register your business name for you and you can get your company certificate in few weeks for just N25, 000, even if you are not in the state Capital where CAC Offices are, we would send you the certificate to any where in Nigeria or outside Nigeria by a recognized register posting (courier) service. Call us today on +234(080)38644328, 08038644328 , 08025759022

Register a business name in Nigeria without an Agent Read below… or call 08038644328

This section will educate you freely on how to register a business name in Nigeria with the CAC yourself. It’s a much simpler process when compared the Nigerian company registration process for private limited companies.

If you’re unsure of the differences between a business name and a private limited company, we’ve written a blog post explaining the difference here.

Step 1: Name Availability Search

This is the first step in the business name registration process. This will let you know if your desired business name is available. This is always the first step when registering any kind of company or organisation in Nigeria.

Please note that certain words or phrases are not permitted when registering a Business Name / Enterprise such as:

“LTD” or “Limited”

Be reminded that such are allowed when registering Limited Liability Company

Step 2: Business Name Application

In this document, you will list the nature of the business and the address of the business. You will also write down the owners of the business name.

Proprietors of a Business Name

Anyone who is legally qualify can be a proprietor or owner of a business name.

Any company or individual can be an owner of a business name. If the owner is a minor, the CAC asks for an attestation from a magistrate, legal practitioner, or a police officer of a certain rank.

Company as an Owner

A company can also own a Business Name. In this case, the CAC asks for an attestation from the company director or company secretary.

Mixed Ownership

Owners of a business name can be a mix of individuals and companies.

Step 3: Filing

Once you’ve completed the Business Name Application. It costs 10,000 naira to file at the Corporate Affairs Commission. No stamp duty is required.

Registering a business name, requires having a valid, nationally recognised form of identification such as a: passport, driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, or a national ID card. These can sometimes take months to obtain.

What Next?

Are you ready to get started with the first step in Business Name registration? Get started with name availability search in just minutes. Click Here Or Call Akahi G. International to help you facilitate the registration, it is very fast and quicker at Akahi G. International. Call 08038644328 ; 08025759022

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