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1.—is an end product of digestion of fat. (A) Glucose (B) Fatty acid (C) Amino acid (D) Fructose (E) Galactose# B
2. Asexual reproduction in Hydra sp. is commonly by (A) Binary fission b. Fragmentation c. Budding d. Separation (E) Regeneration C
3. Benedict’s solution is used to test for (A) Carbohydrate (B) Lipid (C) Protein (D) Vitamins (E) Minerals C
4. Pepsin is an enzyme that digests (A). Starch (B). Sugar (C). Lipid (D). Fat (E). Protein E
5. The breakdown of large organic molecules into smaller simpler soluble molecules is called –– (A)
Excretion (B) Digestion (C) Absorption (D) Reproduction (E) Ingestion# B

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