Five Of The Worst Ways To Motivate Employees

Employees that are happy would not just stop at making your people feel good., they work and to are satisfy them. A happy employee is a productive person which means you’ll be able to do more as an organization.

 In this article, I shall be showing you the five worst ways to keeping employees motivated as well as an alternative to that.

Bad #1 Using scaremongering techniques – You tell staff how bad the company is performing. This makes them feel useless at their job, and like they are going down with a sinking ship.

Good – Instead, tell them areas where the company is performing well and then add in where the company needs improvement.

 Bad #2 Pointing out ‘wrongs’ to make a right – When you point out mistakes or ‘wrong ways’ of doing things you make staff feel inadequate.

Good – Sometimes the ‘wrong’ way of doing something is just a different way, so assess if it achieves the same or better result before you call them up on it.

 Bad #3 Condemning staff members in public – You embarrass staff members by making an example of them. You think it will motivate them not to make the same mistakes again.

Good – Ask to speak with them in private to discuss why they did what they did and discuss how they can stop making the same mistake in the future.

Bad #4 Treating everyone equally – You treat employees fairly by treating everyone the same. This results in your top performing employees becoming annoyed and demotivated

Good – If there is a problem among some of your staff don’t just address the whole team. Always remember to give praise where it is due to those performing well.

 Bad #5 Setting unrealistic deadlines – You think the harder the deadline the more your staff will achieve, but this does the opposite. They realise that the goal is unattainable so are discouraged to achieve it.

Good – Be specific with the goals you set. Have long term goals such as hit x amount of sales by end of the 1st quarter, and have smaller goals such as hit x amount of sales daily


In order to make your employees better, never set unrealistic goals and at the same time make them have the sense of belonging by treating them equal.

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