Don’t let Cultural Challenges make you immodest and vulgar person

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Differences in individual modesty, in accordance with the wills of Allah, have impact of the culture we were raised in.

Culture either nurtures modesty or destroys it. Apparently, modesty is a generally acceptable character in all cultures for it is believed that immorality is incited by immodest. But what is modest in a culture may be immodest in another. Some cultures see nothing wrong in premarital sex; in fact, it is part of requirements of some families or cultures for the lady to become pregnant before marriage.

In another detested case of immodest, young boy will impregnate a young girl and reject the pregnant with boastfulness….but why? If you asked, hmmmm..her parent has no manner of talking. Then, people will start begging him to accept the pregnant (and may be with the lady) Subhaanallah! Are the perpetrators so powerful that they cannot be punished? Nooooo! The community or culture is pleased with the injustice.

The media (especially social media) and people in the community keep claiming that our Muslimaat (Muslim Ladies) are not beautiful enough because they cover their body in obedience to Allah and His messenger. Today, ladies only seem to be valued for their bodies and not their brains and many have compromised by uncovering the body in the public for the flimsy assertion of the agents of devil in the media…Many are pleased with the abuses that almost everything to be advertised needs half Unclad woman. Today we come across people who are dressed but still they are Unclad. People who work in films and advertising industry wearing see-through dresses, indulging in shameful chitchat with people especially opposite gender arouse sexual passions of the public and the viewers, and they seems not to be ashamed.

Does what you see in the media or society makes you feel bad about your size, color, shape, Islamic dresses…? Glorified be His Name the Best Creator. Have you started wearing short, tight dresses and uploading your prance pictures on internet? And what have you gained in return? Multifaceted problems!

Agents of devil have been struggling to bring Muslim men and women out of modesty into immodesty and indecency. Now, vulgarity and all its ingredients have become commonplace even among Muslims in the zeal of imitating the non-believers. The unrefined one among us are now using the opportunity of the so called civilized or modernized Islamic way of preaching to promote immoralities.

  • Muslims are feeling ashamed to reject opposite sex handshakes! If you asked him/her why? I don’t want them to see me as an extremist or uncivilized – Imagine!

  • Muslims bride and groom are not ashamed to offer kiss to another in front of the crowd! Ask them why?

  • Muslims bride and groom are not ashamed to dance for the participant! And it happened in the mosque sometimes, subhaanallah!

  • Muslim lady is not ashamed of campaigning in front of men, and even sing and dance with them! And women were not created for such, hence, much dissimilarity can be easily noticed but one with highest immorality among them may perform better.

  • Muslims are not ashamed of singing, dancing, hugging, kissing, …in the name of acting (in the movies) to educate the masses – Subhaanallah! Malik b Uhaimir reported that he heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saying that, “Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’ala) will not accept any good deeds or worship of an immodest and vulgar person.” We asked, “Who is an immodest and vulgar person?” He replied, “A man whose wife entertains non-mahram men.

Go though over this, May Allah grant us understanding of His words

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