Kiki, daughter of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is currently undergoing the mandatory one-year National Youth Service programme.

Vice President Daughter, Kiki Osinbajo Pictured In Her NYSC Uniform

In a short video shared on her Instagram page today, she is seen wearing NYSC crested vest as she dances to a song playing in the background.

Meanwhile, the pretty lady launched her beauty home called Glam’d Africa in Abuja, which was attended by the VP, his wife Dolapo and other members of their family on Sunday.In an interview Kiki had with BN Beauty, she said the brand would create a hub for beauty business, makeup artists, beauty brands, clothing brands, accessories nail artists and others.

She expressed thanks to everyone who had assisted her in an Instagram post.

She said,

“Thank you to everyone who came to support my dream @glamdafrica. Thanks for all the amazing messages and all the love.”

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