Transgender Woman Spends over N27million On Surgery To Look Like Kylie Jenner-Growing-up she empathised with Kylie, as she felt like an ‘outcast’ and ‘ugly duckling’ who didn’t fit in, but after seeing her transformation she too became inspired.


Kyleigh started lip-fillers three-years-ago and has now had over 40 procedures, regularly topping-up every three months.

She believes her transition was destiny, having grown-up as boy named Kyle Leigh, the nearest name equivalent to her idol Kylie Jenner.

To look more like the 20-year-old CEO, Kylie jenner who recently gave birth to her first baby, Kyleigh went under the knife three-months-ago to turn her hormone-grown A cup br**sts into 34DDDs, had a chin implant and work on her nose.

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