Check High Rated Structured Settlement Companies – Top 10 Structured Settlement Companies

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Best Rated Structured Settlement Companies – Top 10 Structured Settlement Companies

Structured settlement payments are usually the result of a personal injury lawsuit in which the defendant’s insurance company funds the award amount with an annuity policy that provides periodic payments and ongoing income to the plaintiff. However, many people find the need to have a lump sum to aid in paying off debt or medical bills. A long-term stream of payments is not always the most beneficial method of receiving their award.


A secondary market has evolved around structured settlements that allows consumers to sell all or a portion of their payments to a structured payment buyer. These buyers, or factoring companies, then pay the consumer a lump sum in return. In addition, other types of annuities, such as lottery winnings, are usually paid over time and can also be converted into a lump sum payment.


Here Are Top 10 of the Best Rated Structured Settlement



  1. Fairfield Funding purchases structured settlements and annuities. Backed by a 100% guarantee, Fairfield works to get you the best price, needed cash in as few as five days, no interest advances, and fast closings.
  2. Visit Peachtree Financial
    Peachtree Financial Solutions has helped tens of thousands of people reach their goals. As a leading purchaser of structured settlement payments, we can buy all or some of your future payments, so you can take the next big step.
  3. (855) 875-0672
    Visit J.G. Wentworth
    J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements has been purchasing future payment streams for more than 20 years. With a best price guarantee and customized transactions to fit your needs, J.G. Wentworth can help you get the cash you need.
  4. (844) 261-9212
    Visit Olive Branch
    Olive Branch Funding is a purchaser of structured settlement payments. Our experience in this field allows us to provide money upfront in exchange for future structured settlement payments FAST.
  5. Annuity Transfers puts its customers first, approaching every settlement sale with their interests in mind. The company offers personalized service that walks the customers through the process and the financial implications.
  6. Seneca One offers a 5K Right Away program that gives owners of a structured settlement access to $5,000 in 24 hours. Each payment plan is customized for the recipients, giving them control of how much or how little they sell.
  7. Woodbridge Structured Funding goes beyond the basics with its guaranteed highest price on a buyout. If the company does not offer the highest value on a settlement, it pays you $500 when you get funded from the competition.
  8. Stone Street Capital offers quotes via the phone in minutes, making the process of getting cash a quick and painless process. The company personalizes every quote to meet specific needs.
  9. Oasis Legal Funding is a structured settlement providers that offers pre-settlement funding. This let customers negotiate while waiting for their personal injury or accident claims.
  10. is a website designed to help people understand annuities and structured settlements. The company is a partner of Pennsylvania-based CBC Settlement Funding.


Best Rated Structured Settlement Companies


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Top 10 Structured Settlement Companies:


Structured Settlement Company | Woodbridge. A trusted structured settlement company since 1993, Woodbridge Structured Funding offers cash for structured settlements & annuities. Sell your annuity now.




J.G. Wentworth | So Much More Than Structured Settlements. At J.G. Wentworth, we got our start by getting people cash from their structured settlement payments so that they could use it on their terms, and it’s still one of the most popular options we offer. If you’re receiving payments from a structured settlement you received after a life changing accident or injury, find out about how J.G. Wentworth can buy your future structured settlement payments and give you a lump sum to spend now.



CBC Settlement Funding | Cash For Settlements & Annuities Made Simple. CBC Settlement Funding can provide you with a lump sum cash advance for all or part of the total amount. CBC Settlement Funding is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and we pride ourselves on providing a superior level of customer service.



Lump Sum Cash Now for Settlements & Annuities. DRB Capital is a leader in the industry when it comes to customer service. Structured settlement funding is not a loan-it’s a way for you to sell the regular payments you would normally receive in return for one lump sum of cash.



Annuity & Structured Settlement Buyers | Rising Captial Associates. If you were awarded a structured settlement and you are currently receiving payments or will be receiving payments in the future we can help you obtain your cash now.



Henderson Structured Settlements. Henderson Structured Settlements LP is licensed with the only four life insurance companies that provide structured settlements in Canada (The Manufacturers Insurance Company of Canada, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, The Canada Life Assurance Company, and BMO Life Assurance Company).



Peachtree | Sell Structured Settlement & Annuity Payments. Need cash for your structured settlement or annuity payments? Peachtree can help. Find out how to access your money now and turn your goals into reality.



RobinYoung & Company – Structured Settlement Specialists. Structured settlement annuities are innovative and powerful financial tools that offer individuals, spouses, and families many benefits to meet their needs, desires and expectations, often for a lifetime.



Insurance and Employee Benefits | MetLife. Get covered with MetLife insurance: life, auto & home, dental, vision and more. Learn more about MetLife employee benefits and individual insurance products.



McKellar Structured Settlements Inc. The McKellar Structured Settlement™ is the ideal solution…certainty of payment, preservation of benefits, with no fees charged and no income tax payable—ever!


To find our lineup of structured settlement companies we looked at a variety of factors, including customer sentiment, company visibility and whether the company belongs to industry groups such as the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP). In order to be a member of NASP, a structured settlement company must abide by a code of ethics and a consumer bill of rights as well as participating in anti-fraud initiatives. We were not able to evaluate rates and fees, since they depend so much on the specific details of each settlement. Before you sign the dotted line, check with the settlement companies you’re considering to determine what the exact rates and fees are if you decide to convert all or some of your structured settlement to a lump sum payout.

Based on our research, here are our recommendations for the best structured settlement companies:

Best Structured Settlement Brokers for Partial Cash Payouts

Best Structured Settlement Brokers for Partial Cash Payouts: J.G. Wentworth

J.G Wentworth is one of the largest structured settlement buyers. (It also owns Peachtree Financial, another large and well-known brand.) If you have an annuity from a legal settlement, accident or lottery award, J.G. Wentworth can purchase a portion of your settlement. The advantage of this is that you can leverage your settlement in multiple ways, preserving future monthly payments while getting some short-term cash. You can also sell your entire settlement to J.G Wentworth.

Best Structured Settlement Company for Lottery Winnings

Best Structured Settlement Company for Lottery Winnings: Woodbridge Structured Funding

If you’ve won a lottery and are receiving the payout in monthly installments, you may be able to sell it for a single payout. Woodbridge Structured Funding is a structured settlement company that purchases lottery rewards. However, the state you won the lottery in can determine whether you are eligible to sell a lottery payment. One factor in this company’s favor: Woodbridge offers to match the rate offered by other structured settlement companies to purchase your lottery annuity.

Best for Quick Payments

Best for Quick Payments: Strategic Capital

Typically it takes months to receive payouts from selling your structured settlements. Some companies claim to accelerate the process. Strategic Capital is one such company; it has streamlined the process and can deliver payments to you in as little as 18 days. This varies depending on the state you live in and the particular details of your settlement. Strategic Capital is also admirably transparent about the sales process, with a wide variety of articles on its website.

What Is a Structured Settlement?

If you’ve been in an accident, won or settled a lawsuit, or received a payout from a lottery, you may receive a structured settlement annuity. What this means is that you receive your settlement in monthly payments rather than a single lump sum. A structured annuity can last for a set period of time, 30 years for example, or until the death of the beneficiary.

If you have debts, medical bills or a significant expense looming, you may want your cash upfront. There are many services that buy structured annuities in exchange for a single cash payout. In fact, you may have seen a commercial or even been contacted by one of these companies since they market their services aggressively. Many brokers will offer different types of structured settlement loans as well. In these situations you can borrow cash against your structured settlement, just like you can with a loan for any other asset.

You can sell the entirety of your structured settlement or a portion of it. Many factors affect the amount you’ll ultimately receive, including the total amount of the settlement, the number of payments you’re selling and how often these payments are made.

The process for selling a structured settlement is lengthy and needs to be approved by a court. Usually it takes two to three months to complete a sale.

What Is the Process for Selling My Annuity?

Selling a structured annuity should not be undertaken lightly. Since a court must approve the sale, the entire process can take several months. The process differs widely depending on the state you live in. Most structured settlement companies will aid you in the process.

If you’re considering selling a structured settlement annuity, you’ll want to follow these important steps:

First, shop around to find the best quote. Structured settlement companies apply what’s called a discount rate to the future payments you receive, so the lump sum payment is smaller than the total amount of your settlement.

Second, you’ll need to provide documents to the company you are selling the structured settlement to. This includes the documentation from the insurance company responsible for the annuity, the settlement and release agreement from a lawsuit, and the application for selling the settlement. If you’re divorced or have declared bankruptcy since receiving your annuity, you may need to provide additional documentation.

Third, depending on the state you live in, you may be required to consult an attorney or a financial advisor before selling your structured annuity. You can find a list of the state-by-state requirements here.

Fourth, a judge will need to approve the sale of your structured settlement. The judge will take steps to determine whether you understand the terms of the sale. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have a convincing need to sell your annuity. Most structured settlement sales are approved, but reasons for denial include a failure to demonstrate adequate financial need, improper documentation or a poor discount rate from the company.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons of Selling a Structured Settlement

There are benefits and drawbacks to selling your structured settlement. Here are just a few you should consider:


You get immediate access to your money instead of receiving it monthly over several years.

The lump sum of your settlement retains the same tax status as your initial settlement. An insurance settlement is tax free – so, too, are the proceeds from selling one.

You can sell a portion of your settlement without depleting the entire annuity.


When you sell your structured annuity, you give up future value for present gains. Structured settlement companies take into account the depreciation of future earnings and apply a discount rate to your settlement (more on that below). What this means is for a $100,000 settlement, you can expect to receive anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000.

It can sometimes take months for the paperwork to be completed and for a judge to approve the sale. If you need money immediately, you may want to look into alternate ways to get it.

If you rely on your structured settlement to pay bills, selling is unwise. You can compromise your income stream and leave yourself at risk for dire financial consequences.

What Is a Discount Rate?

The discount rate represents the amount the company deducts from the total of your structured settlement. While it may sound like a simple percentage, it is much more complicated than that. The discount rate assumes that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future and applies that principle to the payments you’re selling.

Take the example above of a $100,000 settlement that is sold for between $30,000 and $50,000. This implies a discount rate of 50 to 70 percent. But discount rates typically range from 8 to 18 percent and can sometimes be as high as 30 percent.

The math doesn’t seem to add up, and this is because the structured settlement company applies a different discount rate to each payment depending on how far into the future the payment is. Therefore, next month’s payment has a different discount rate than a payment five years from now.

When you receive a quote from a structured settlement provider, just be aware that it will usually reflect an average of all the discount rates on all the payments you plan to sell rather than it being a certain percentage applied to the total of your structured annuity.

There is a benefit to selling just a portion of your settlement. By selling some of your forthcoming monthly payments, they have a lower discount rate than payments that are further out in the future, which means you’ll be able to get more money and still have access to future payments.

Here are few more things to keep in mind when selling a structured annuity:

Explore your options. Get multiple quotes from different structured settlement companies. You’re not obligated to go with the first offer you receive.

Haggle. Once you get an offer, don’t feel like you need to accept it. You can negotiate the rate and try to find a middle ground with the buyer.

Understand what you’re getting into. Most states require some kind of consultation with an attorney or financial advisor. We recommend taking advantage of that service so you fully understand the impact of selling your annuity.

Tax Repercussions

As mentioned earlier, when you sell your structured settlement, the payout is not taxed. The exception, though, is from lottery winnings, which are taxed, and the funds from selling a lottery annuity are taxed as well. And if you invest the money from your lump sum payout, earnings from those investments will be taxed.

If you’ve received a structured settlement annuity through a lawsuit, an accident or winning the lottery, selling it to a structured settlement company can let you take advantage of that money more quickly. We’ve assembled a lineup of the 10 best structured settlement companies so you can explore your options and find the best deal for you. You can read more about these companies and what they offer in our buying guide.


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