The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) says the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline (ELP), which got burnt by fire, has been restored.


Ndu Ughamadu, spokesman of the corporation, said gas supply to customers on the line, including power generating companies, had resumed.

On January 2, a section of the ELP at Abakila in Ondo state went up in flames due to bush fire.

The incident affected gas supply to customers in Ondo, Ogun and Lagos states with a subsequent shutdown of a number of power plants.

”With the restoration of the ELP and resumption of gas supply, the affected power plants, with a combined generating capacity of 1,143MW, would resume power generation,” he said.

”The plants include Egbin in Lagos State; Olorunshogo Power Plant, PEL Olorunshogo and Paras Power Plant in Ogun and Omotosho Plant in Ondo State.

”The 36-inch Escravos to Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS) is a natural gas pipeline built in 1989 to supply gas from Escravos in the Niger Delta to various consumption utilisation areas.”

It supplies gas to power plants in the south-west and feeds the West African Gas Pipeline System.