This notice is specifically to all students newly admitted Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH).

We are pleased to announce that the resumption of the Newly Admitted Students has been postponed to 15th January, 2018. Fresh students are to take cognizance of this information. 

Vision of OSUSTECH

The Vision of OSUSTECH is: “To be a leading internationally-recognized institution, raising a corpus of technologically-competent individuals able to respond to the needs of their environment in a technologically-driven economy”.

Mission of OSUSTECH

The mission of OSUSTECH is: “To provide sound scientific, technological and professional training, identify technological needs and problems, solve them within the context of community, national needs, and sustainable development”

Ondo State University of Sceince and technology (OSUSTECH) is a technology-based institution which aims at providing the needed manpower training.

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