We both live in the same estate, her husband worked with a private company in Abeokuta while we live in Ikeja
For the past 3 days now she as being bringing me food cos she no am a bachelor and she do come to my apartment at times to play cheese and ludo.
The way she dress must time shows what she want and it also seems am having an affection towards her also.
Shud I go ahead?
Kindly advice


  1. And I say it again, you’re digging your grave small small.
  2. so if we now tell u to go ahead, u will go ahead?
  3. Don’t miss the opportunity to make another man’s wife moan.
    I am a living witness; it brings goodluck.

    She’s obviously sex-starved and even the Lord will be happy you helped the needy.

  4. immorality is the order of d day, can’t u get yourself a nice babe than coveting your neighbor’s wife

Source: Nairaland