How FUPRE Vice Chancellor Allegedly Misappropriated Multi-Billion Naira Funds

The Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Prof. Akhi Ibadode, has been accused of the mismanagement of billions of naira meant for the institution.


In a document made available to Naija News Prof. Akhi Ibadode, allegedly misappropriated  funds through the award of bogus and inflated contracts to fronts and cronies; selective bidding; and fraudulent contract cost variations.

The VC has been accused of intimidation and oppression and seek justice for diversion Federal Government Intervention project Fund to the tune of Six Billion Naira (N6Bn) and, staff benefit of salary and emoluments,
diversion of Federal Government interventions projects (TetFund and Needs Assessment) as well as  indecent promotion and appointment among made other accusation.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the information made available to Newsmen.

Vice Chancellor exhibited nepotism

Instead of using the brains in the university, the Vice Chancellor has been accused of using his family  and friends to do university jobs a ridiculously inflated amount.

Most buildings were half built and the remaining money embezzled.

A transformer that a contractor wanted to fix for #800,000.00 in Warri was awarded to his family from Benin at #4million naira. The transformer eventually packed up within 2 weeks of repair. Now, staff are incapacitated without any iota of freedom to express their minds. The VC Fupre and his management team have surrounded themselves with selected few who were being forced on the staff as leaders so as to mitigated the agitation from staff.

In the last three months we are aware that several auditors have come to Fupre but were being bribed after their discoveries! No one is sure if the report so far actually indicate the true state of the university. An internal
committee was inaugurated to conduct an investigation (internally) into the management spending, but unfortunately, if external auditors could be bribed one need not to travel far to know that nothing will come out of the constituted investigation committee!

Shady appointments

The Union leaders were cowed and influenced to stop staff agitation and support salary cut and to drop the struggle. Former ASUU chairman, Dr Ofualagba now the Dean Students Affairs and a member of Council, Dr.
Agbalagba, the current ASUU chairman was made Director IGR and Foundation Programmes, Mr Patrick (SSANU chairman) was sent for training for more than four months with pay as well as his secretary without due
process etc.

Some were illegally elected into Council by intimidating other candidates, Such as Dr. Alamniokuma, Dr Allenotor, Dr. Ofualagba. Dr. Ofualagba because of his aggressiveness was promoted 4 times within 2 years while one Rev. Fr. Abaka Oghenejode who was employed as CLO into grade level 7 as a contract staff was promoted unreasonably to level 13 and converted to full-permanent staff and subsequently pushed to become an internal member of council.

The previous council ordered the vice chancellor to reverse the appointment of 44 senior staff he employed, yet the order was ignored and some council members’ mainly external members, were bought over. This lead to the problem he had with the former internal council member of the university.


The Tetfund fraud

It will be interesting to be informed that VC Fupre and his management team are randomly changing building name to suit either Needs assessment or Tetfund project whenever there is an hint of any of this agent comes for visitation.

The buildings by TetFund were half the structure designed to be built despite unfit structure being built because the university had spent the money meant for those projects. Example of such is the entrepreneurial and two other two other buildings opposite college of science. (See the attached pictures).

The most pathetic concern was the boldness displayed by the VC Fupre between Monday November 20 and Friday November 24 2017 when agent from Need assessment came.

Building that were already commissioned as TetFund was changed to Needs assessment. A critical look at the following pictures below will explain it further.




The staff of the University are calling for investigation and prosecution, in the interest of justice, equity, fairness, productivity and realization of establishment objectives, They request following:
• investigation into the university finances
• Investigation of all employment made from February 2015, all appointment made without individual application cum interview should be reversed.
• investigation into all acting appointment position.
• investigation into illegal appointment of friend and families, improper placement and erratic promotions


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