Following the release of Falz’s ’27’ album in celebration of his 27th birthday, there has been several debate as to if truly he is 27.falzsmall-naijakit-com_-600x600

Many believe the ‘Something Small’ crooner ‘faked’ his age, a debate which caused Falz to say he would show his birth certificate to prove he did not lie.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop about the declaration Falz said;

“I just said it as a joke. I have not taken my birth certificate anywhere or shown anybody. I don’t know why people think I’m lying about my age. All I know is that I’m doing well and I’m happy with my life.”

On releasing his album without prior notice;

“I worked on the album for about a year, and when the time was right, I released it. The response has been very good. People love it and I’m very excited about that.”

On marriage plans;

“I don’t have plans for getting married right now. I’ll let it come naturally; whenever God says it’s the right time.”

On what he looks out for in a woman;

“I like someone who is intelligent and highly cerebral. We need to be compatible and she being pretty wouldn’t be a bad idea.”